Enroll and enjoy 避开® insurance savings

避开 is a great way for teen and young adult drivers to improve their driving skills and earn savings1 on 国营农场® 汽车pp王者电子官网.


  • 年龄在25岁以下2
  • 有有效的驾驶执照吗
  • No at-fault accidents or moving violations during the past three years1
  • Successfully complete all the program requirements
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3 easy steps to get the 避开 discount and savings

  1. 和你的经纪人谈谈Find out if you’re eligible for the savings and get more info.
  2. 获取应用程序Use the 避开 app to watch safe-driving videos, take quizzes, and record your trips.
  3. 完成程序Requirements must be completed within 6 months of starting the program.


避免报价 专注目标,培训 that encourages young drivers to think more about safety and practice safe driving habits. Parents of youthful drivers can also monitor and guide their progress.


Participants are required to complete 5 training modules consisting of a few lessons, 包括视频, 驾驶场景, 和测验.


Participants must complete 5 hours of driving within in at least 10 trips.


Drivers are awarded a certificate of completion in-app when they’ve successfully finished the program. Certificates can be sent directly to an agent from the app to qualify for the discount and savings.


Friends or family members instructing young drivers can use the mentor log in to track their progress and provide feedback.

As long as you continue to meet your state’s eligibility requirements, you’ll get your 避开 Safe Driver Discount. If you don’t have a smart phone, you can still participate in the 明确计划.


这可能有多种原因, including not completing all the program requirements within six months of starting the program, involvement in at-fault accidents or moving violations during the past three years1 or simply no longer being under the age of 25.

While you have six months to complete the program requirements once you start, the program requires five hours of driving within at least 10 trips. 课程视频的观看时间各不相同.

明确培训计划 offers a wide range of instruction from car basics to bad weather driving. It provides guidance on how to drive on residential and city roads, highways and parking lots. 预测其他驱动因素的洞察力, 在十字路口, avoiding blind spots and even car trouble are also offered.


T在这里’s a 国营农场 agent nearby ready to offer personalized service to fit your specific needs.



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Manage insurance, explore finances, get roadside help, file a claim, and much more.

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开车安全 & 保存TM

国营农场 customers in select states can enroll by downloading the 开车安全 & 保存应用程序. We'll collect some basic information about your driving that may save you some money.

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1 Discount names, percentages, availability and eligibility may vary by state. Contact your 国营农场 agent to confirm discount eligibility.

2 Eligibility for discount when over 24 with under 3 years driving experience applicable in some states.

避开® Safe Driver Program availability and eligibility may vary by state. Contact your 国营农场 agent to confirm eligibility for the program.

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