Protect your assets with a 个人物品政策

Get coverage beyond your homeowners or renters policy to replace your valuable items. Ask your 国营农场® agent if a 个人物品政策 is right for you.

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Why you need insurance for your personal articles

Anything that isn’t permanently attached to your home or your property is most likely considered personal property. Personal articles coverage may offer broader coverage than your existing homeowners policy, helping ensure you can repair or replace those items you value (and even those you don’t).

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Items a 个人物品政策 may protect




Cameras, computers and software, musical instruments, bicycles, silverware, sports equipment2


Hearing aids, medical devices, prosthetic devices, personal mobility devices and wheelchairs

What a 个人物品政策 doesn’t cover

While coverage protects your personal property for many loss situations, t在这里 are some exceptions. Your 国营农场 agent and items outlined in your policy will help you understand details about your personal property coverage.


Personal property doesn’t have to be in your home to be protected by your policy. Your coverage travels with you — whether you’re enjoying the vacation of your dreams or running weekly errands.

个人物品政策 features


Personal property coverage applies anyw在这里 in the world. 当你去度假时, items such as jewelry and cameras are covered (fine art items are only covered within the United States and Canada).


We'll pay the cost to repair or replace your personal property, without deduction for depreciation up to the applicable limit. The 个人物品政策 insures against theft and accidental direct physical damage to covered property with some limitations and 除外责任.


Although available if desired, t在这里 generally is no deductible on a 个人物品政策.


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You’ll be covered for the full amount of the value specified on your policy needed to replace an item or items of jewelry that are part of a pair or set. For example, a pair of earrings would qualify for this coverage.


The amount of coverage is automatically adjusted annually based on the Consumer Product Inflation index. Valuable items should be professionally reappraised regularly.


In addition to coverage for your engagement and wedding rings, we can cover your wedding gifts as well. Adding the Wedding Gift endorsement provides temporary coverage (before and up to 90 days after your wedding) to protect your gifts. Refer to the policy for a complete description of the Losses Not Insured.

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Tips for collectible storage and display

Rare and antique collectibles can be valuable – make sure you’re protecting them and 妥善存放.

What if my insurance is not enough to cover potential exposures?

You might want to consider a personal article insurance or personal liability insurance policy to 帮助保护 your possessions, home and future earnings.

1 Collectibles include such items as dolls, 模型火车, 体育卡片, 漫画书, 还有邮票和钱币收藏.

2 Sports equipment includes such items as equipment used with fishing, 狩猎, 射箭, 滑雪, 潜水和单板滑雪.

3 Coverage option not available in Texas


This page contains only a general description of coverages and is not a contract. Details of coverage, coverage limits, optional coverages or services may vary in some states. All coverages are subject to the terms, 规定, 除外责任, and conditions in the policy itself and in any endorsements.sements.

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